There Are Royal Wedding Doughnuts For When Harry and Meghan Tie the Dough-Knot

Look, I’m pretty stinkin’ excited about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding, but that enthusiasm hasn’t affected my culinary tastes . . . up until now. When I discovered that UK pastry shop Doughnut Time has celebratory flavors inspired by the couple, I was even more tempted to book a flight to London and visit one of the six Doughnut Time locations to pick a few up for myself. (Oh, and to be closer to the wedding, of course!)

The Meghan-inspired treat, named the “Meghan Sparkle,” has a buttered popcorn glaze topped with marshmallow popcorn and patriotic red, white, and blue star sprinkles. Appropriately, it’s all finished off with a mini tiara garnish – because what’s a fairy-tale wedding without a crown fit for a princess?

The Prince Harry doughnut is a bit more traditional. Dubbed the “When Harry Met Meghan,” the doughnut’s creme glaze mimics the prince’s blue uniform and is finished with a golden hazelnut-chocolate Ferrero Rocher candy.

Yum! They both sound incredible – it’s a good thing they’re tying the dough-knot so I can justify devouring both. Keep scrolling to see the drool-worthy royal wedding doughnuts, then follow along with the rest of our coverage of the big day!

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