The Future Looks Sweet, but How Does the Starbucks Crystal Ball Frappuccino Actually Taste?

We’ve seen the future, people, and it’s super bright and filled with sugar! News broke earlier on Monday that Starbucks will be releasing a colorful new Crystal Ball Frappuccino on March 22 for just a few days. While we know the photos of the sugary drink are undeniably appealing, just how tasty is it? Thanks to a few lucky baristas and Frappuccino-loving guinea pigs, the reviews are in, and well, the beloved Instagram-famous Unicorn Frappuccino may have actually found its match. With reviews ranging from “IT’S DELICIOUS!!!!” to “worth a try,” it sounds like the new drink will be filling up our bellies, as well as our Instagram feeds.

Although Starbucks has yet to officially confirm the sugary news, our crystal balls tell us it’s going to be huge. The drink will reportedly be made with a white and turquoise peach-flavored cream base, a whipped cream topping, and a sprinkle of rock candy pieces in pink, blue, or green. Read on to see some of the early reviews of the newest sweet beverage added to the Frappuccino lineup, and be sure to try it out for yourself when it hits stores later this week.

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