The Cruel Papa John’s April Fools’ Joke You’ll Wish Were Real

Papa John’s is not going to start selling gallons of bottled garlic sauce in grocery stores, but I was led to believe that was true. In a cruel and unusual April Fools’ joke, Papa John’s gave me a heads-up that a “surprise” would arrive at my desk soon, and it provided a “hint” in the form of a tweet about buying Papa John’s garlic sauce in bottles from the grocery store. Sure enough, an enormous bottle of Papa John’s famous, buttery garlic sauce made its way into my hands. It was a magical delivery. “I feel very blessed in this moment,” I thought to myself.

I couldn’t wait to share this news with you guys that you’d soon be able to buy the nectar of the gods at your own grocery store, meaning you’d be able to douse anything and everything in garlic sauce, not just Papa John’s pizza.

The catch? I was totally fooled. As I asked the Papa John’s representative which grocery stores would carry the sauce, I was informed that this was in fact an April Fools’ joke. Rest assured the gallon-size bottle of sauce you’re looking at is 100 percent real, but the sad news for you is that you won’t actually get to stock copious amounts of the sauce in your pantry. I know, I know – you must be devastated. Here I am, the greedy garlic-lover who gets to keep this all to myself (OK fine, maybe I’ll share with my POPSUGAR co-workers). But the whole point of this revolutionary news was that you’d get to enjoy it too, just like you can with McDonald’s new bottled sauces.


You can’t always get what you want, they say. Unfortunately, the closest thing you’ll get to this amount of garlicky goodness is getting an extra garlic sauce (with the code garlicsauce) when you order a pizza on April 1 or April 2.

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