Sweet-Toothed Narcissists Can Now Lick Their Very Own Life-Size Face Lollipops

Firebox wants to take you to the candy shop and let you lick the lollipop – the candy in question being a life-size bespoke lollipop of your own face! The Face Licker lollipop, which retails at $56, is made from scratch using natural tutti-frutti-flavored sugar, spun to embody your facial features. All that is required is a photo of yourself (or your chosen candy fiend) and a short description of said person, vegans included.

With this new weird food trend, you can now basically make out with your own sweet face. Just be sure to allow five to seven working days for manufacture, along with shipping. Read on to see how the Face Licker is brought to life, then shop your own.

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