IHOP Just Released 3 New French-Toasted Doughnuts, and We’ll Take a Dozen of Each

After releasing its savory cheeseburger omelet earlier this year, IHOP has unveiled a sweet new menu addition that’s sure to give you a much-needed a.m. sugar rush. The kings of all-day breakfast just debuted three limited-edition French-Toasted Doughnuts, and they look insanely delectable. This epic mashup of breakfast favorites comes in three crave-inducing flavors that’ll make your sweet tooth do a happy dance: Bacon and Maple, Apple Fritter, and Strawberries and Cream. I mean, it’s totally acceptable to eat all three in one sitting, right? Talk about the breakfast of champions!

Each doughnut is first dipped in sweet vanilla batter, then dipped in french toast batter and finished with one of the three tasty toppings. They’re now available at select IHOP restaurants, but only for a limited time! Run, don’t walk, to try them before it’s too late, and in the meantime, read on to catch an up-close glimpse at each of these scrumptious menu additions.

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