Forget Szechuan Sauce, the Internet Is Rallying For McDonald’s to Bring Back Hi-C Orange

Hey, McDonald’s, we’ve got a bone to pick. In July 2017, our favorite childhood drink and secret adult guilty pleasure was discontinued from menus nationwide. The beloved Hi-C Orange soda was phased out as of May 1, 2017, leaving us sad and parched, and leaving our Happy Meal without its long-time liquid partner. While we do appreciate the effort of assuaging our emotions by replacing the bubbly citrus drink with the Sprite Tropic Berry, we’re just ready to welcome the Hi-C back into our lives.

We let our emotions go a few months ago, but now that McDonald’s officially brought back the infamous Szechuan Sauce (for a limited time), it must be time to bring back the Hi-C, right?! Back in April of last year, we reported that in a memo addressed to employees, McDonald’s was said to be replacing the drink with a “new core beverage” because of a new partnership with Coke, but Hi-C Orange Lavaburst will forever remain in our hearts.

Still pissed? Salty? Thirsty? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Twitter users felt the same way, some still longing for those orange bubbles, and others ready to swap their Szechuan Sauce for the Hi-C. Check out the hilarious reactions below.

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