Cheeseburger Burritos Are a Thing – Because Dreams Really Do Come True

Picking one item on the menu is hard, guys, especially when you’re torn between two equally as delectable options like a cheeseburger and burrito. But why choose just one when you can combine the two into an epic food hybrid? That’s the mentality behind the heaven-sent geniuses at Burgrito’s, a New-York-based restaurant that offers – you guessed it – a mashup of American and Mexican cuisines in the form of the “burgrito.”

A mouthwatering (yet potentially gut-busting) concoction of hamburger meat, tomato, bacon, lettuce, onion, cheese, chipotle sauce, and french fries, the burgrito is actually everything we ever needed in life and then some. They’re basically like the unabashedly antidiet older cousin of sushi tacos – they’re greasy, caloric, and proud. As burgritos are wrapped up in a tortilla, they totally squash the all-too-familiar issue of burger grease dripping on your flossy new jeans every time you take a bite. So long, Tide To-Go pen! Plus, Burgrito’s even offers a vegan-friendly option that swaps in a veggie burger, so everyone can get in on the action.

OK, enough talkin’ about these fast-food masterpieces. Ahead, drool over photos of your new favorite food hybrid while simultaneously booking your flight to New York to try them yourself.

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