13 Starbucks Drinks You Can’t Get in the US – and Where to Find Them

Have you ever wondered what people are ordering at Starbucks locations across the globe? Starbucks has released a list of all the new Winter drinks hitting locations this year around the world, and it’s pretty amazing to see what kinds of caffeinated creations are offered in China, Australia, the UK, and more. While the US has plenty of exciting new Starbucks menu items for 2017, there’s some pretty serious competition out there. Ahead, discover every new coffee drink available at Starbucks stores ’round the world, and prepare to add a few Frappuccinos to your Starbucks bucket list.

11 Soul-Gratifying Must Haves For the Kitchen This January

January can be a tough, conflicting month for a foodie. You want all the cheesy, carb-y comfort foods to get through the toughest stint of Winter, and you also want to partake lightly in the cleansing culture that sweeps the States after New Year’s Day. We’ve gathered some soul-gratifying must haves for you, which give you the best of both worlds.

The Smartest Shoppers Take Advantage of This Aldi Policy

We reached out to an Aldi spokesperson named Liz Ruggles to tap an insider for shopping tips, and the best advice she shared is that you can return any Aldi-exclusive product for a full refund. It’s no secret that Aldi is one of the most budget-friendly grocery stores in the country, and this generous policy makes it even more appealing.

If you’re wondering why a food company would offer such a forgiving return policy, it’s not because Aldi doesn’t believe in the taste of its products – it’s actually the opposite. Liz explained, “We’re so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a double guarantee, which means if for any reason customers don’t like an Aldi-exclusive brand product, we’ll give them their money back and replace the item.”

So if you open a bag of Aldi-brand pita chips, a jar of sauce, or even a block of cheese, and you don’t like it, no sweat. You can make your way back to the store and get your money back. It’s also good to know that there aren’t any questionable ingredients or artificial colors in Aldi’s food. “Aldi got rid of added MSG, certified synthetic colors, and partially hydrogenated oils from all of our exclusive brand food products. And more than 90 percent of the products on our shelves are under our exclusive brands,” Liz told us. Now that you know you can return just about anything, will you be more adventurous with the Aldi items in your shopping cart?

Gordon Ramsay’s Transformative Way to Scramble Eggs

Yes, there are a million different scrambled eggs techniques out there, but Gordon Ramsay’s will be your full-stop method. While at a press event to promote his new game with Glu Mobile, I asked chef Ramsay to go through the proper way to scramble eggs. His unique method has a heartwarming tale:

“After training in London, I wanted to become French, so I went to the birthplace of all cuisine. I remember seeing this amazing dish with scrambled eggs and sea urchin. I tasted the sea urchin through the scrambled eggs . . . and they topped it with caviar. I thought it was wild. I had never put sea urchin in scrambled eggs. The texture was just incredible. It made it so much creamier. What was more accessible to the average person at home making scrambled eggs – I knew that was crème fraiche. I perfected that craft in France making scrambled eggs to order, standing in Guy Savoy‘s restaurant behind the line as a 22-year-old.”

But crème fraiche isn’t the only thing that makes these scrambled eggs different from the rest. It’s cooked in a pot! The eggs aren’t seasoned from the start! Most of the cooking is done off the flame! Are you baffled yet? Me too, which is why I had to try the method out for myself. So where to begin? Start by watching Gordon’s YouTube video. He shared a hilarious story about it:

I think there’s about 15 million people online who have [watched] that scrambled eggs video. And it transforms the way you eat eggs. Incredible. It’s a kind of rich, sumptuous way to eat scrambled eggs even for dinner, even with all the steps. It’s just delicious on sourdough bread. My video, with 15 million downloads on YouTube, I burn the f*cking toast. I’m not so far down my backside. I make mistakes. I just start again. It’s funny. I’m so into my scrambled eggs, focusing away. Fire alarm is going off and I burn my toast.”

Like Gordon, my first attempt didn’t go off hitch-free. I’m unfortunately going to need a few more practices to end up with perfectly custardy, voluminous eggs like Gordon, but what I did make was truly exceptional and unlike any scrambled eggs I’ve ever had before. I can’t wait to keep on practicing, and neither will you once you’ve memorized the steps.

Sprinkles’s Latest Cupcake Partnership Will Make You Care-A-Lot

It’s full-blast ’80s nostalgia with Sprinkles Cupcakes’ latest partnership with Care Bears to celebrate the cartoon’s 35th anniversary. Starting Jan. 5 through 25, the bakery will offer cupcakes topped with Care Bear-decorated fondant, and to keep the magic alive, both the Care Bears and Sprinkles Instagram pages will reveal “whisper words” weekly, according to a press release. Say these “whisper words” upon checkout to redeem “freebies and special goodies” like a free cupcake (happening this week). Also, the bakery will celebrate National Hug Day on Jan. 21 through “product giveaways and cheerful activities.” My inner 5-year-old needs a six-pack of those cupcakes, stat!

Your Mornings Just Improved Because 7-Eleven Now Serves Breakfast Pizza

A video posted by Eric (@poweredbyicecream) on Jan 16, 2017 at 5:51am PST

If you frequent 7-Eleven to grab your morning cup of java before heading to work, your daily routine is about to improve. The convenience store just announced that it will now offer breakfast pizza. According to the Associated Press, the chain wanted to combine the convenience of leftover pizza with traditional breakfast food. The new offering will include a biscuit crust covered with bacon, sausage, ham, scrambled eggs, cheese, and gravy and will cost $2 for two slices or $6 for an entire pizza. According to the AP, pizza has become one of the store’s bestselling ready-to-eat food items, and in test runs, the breakfast pizza was second most popular. Pizza-lovers everywhere should be excited about this new excuse to munch on their favorite food in the morning. YouTuber poweredbyicecream tried it out and said, “Soon as I bit into it, the crust is flaky. I got hit with a salty gravy load right in my gullet. Mmm. What a great combination of things that are horrible for me. This is fantastic.”

This Funfetti Cereal Concoction Is Like a Birthday Party For Your Mouth

Next time you’re in New York City, swing by Kellogg’s NYC, the cereal cafe, and order this custom creation that’s like a celebration in your mouth. I sat down with Christina Tosi, founder and chef of Milk Bar and creator of many dishes at Kellogg’s NYC, and I asked her for a magical and fun cereal creation. What she provided was unreal.

“I’m a big proponent of birthday cake,” she started, while giving me a bowl of Frosted Flakes cereal. “I feel like the whole rainbow sprinkle trend was something that we started at Milk Bar eight years ago and has taken the world by storm.” Tosi then proceeded to pour on rainbow sprinkles, toasted cake mix powder, and vanilla syrup. If that weren’t enough, Tosi topped everything with one final ingredient: strawberry Pop-Tart pieces.

“I gave you a fun little left field, because what combination is not complete without strawberry Pop-Tart bits, which I feel like makes it even more fun and colorful and magical and unicorn-like?” she said as she heaped them on. She also noted that as you pour the milk over this concoction, it soaks the cake mix and blends together. “You pour your milk over it, and all of a sudden your milk turns into birthday milk,” she said, and honestly, who wouldn’t love that?

While I thoroughly enjoyed having this decadent treat at 9 a.m. for breakfast, I realize it’s not for the faint of heart. It is, after all, very, very sweet, but in the spirit of birthdays, it seems fitting. A similar bowl is currently on the menu at Kellogg’s NYC, including everything but the Pop-Tarts, which you can have added as an extra. And if you’re a heathen and not in the mood for celebratory cereal, there are several other options on the menu and more coming soon. In February, Kellogg’s NYC will have three new selections to choose from: Baklava, which is Frosted Mini-Wheats, toasted walnuts, pistachios, honey, and salt; Do the Twist, which is Crispix, ground coffee, chocolate chips, pretzels, and passion fruit jam; and Pucker Up, which is Frosted Mini-Wheats, grapefruit marmalade, tarragon, sugar in the raw, and salt.

How to Do “Souping” the Right Way, According to Ayesha Curry

Cookbook author and Food Network star Ayesha Curry might agree with me when I say souping is quickly becoming the next juicing, as evidenced by many pop-up soup delivery companies like Züpa Noma. A few months back, my colleagues and I tried and fell for these organic, pureed soups, bottled and intended to be sipped on the go, no heating required. We struggled to choose a favorite, Yellow Pepper Habanero, Tomatillo Jalapeño, and Tomato Gazpacho being a few of our top picks. When I learned Ayesha Curry has partnered with Züpa Noma, I couldn’t wait to hear her souping strategies, feelings on cleanses, and what she’s doing to stay warm this Winter (hint: not juice).

Truth is, before the partnership formed last Summer, Ayesha felt skeptical about the concept. “When I was approached, I’ve never heard of souping before, I was like, ‘what is that? I’m gonna drink soup out of a bottle?’ I was like, ‘OK, I’ll try it’ . . . and I loved it. It’s so much healthier and more fulfilling than drinking even a green juice or one of those pressed juices.” Being a busy working mom, Ayesha’s no stranger to skipping meals (even food editors can relate!). “Oftentimes I honestly forget to eat, as crazy as it sounds. Just being able to have [a Züpa] in the refrigerator, just to grab it and go, throw it in my purse, whatever I need to do, was life-changing for me.” Even though that’s her go-to, Ayesha also suggests a few ways to touch up the soup for parties. The easiest? As a Bloody Mary mix! You can also divvy the soup up into little shot glasses and serve it with a grilled shrimp hanging over the side of the glass for a last-minute appetizer.

Despite the season, you won’t find Ayesha cleansing. Instead with the new year, she’s committed to “trying to make healthier choices.” Here’s why that makes so much sense. “I feel like in January, everybody jumps into something so quickly that you almost get shocked and then nine times out of 10, you fail because it’s so much all at once. And so I’ve been trying to make small changes,” Ayesha explained. Most recently, that involved brownies. “Last night, I wanted brownies so bad. Like I just wanted a decadent, unhealthy brownie. I’ve been working out almost every day since the New Year, and so I was like, ‘OK, I can’t ruin this. What am I gonna do?’ So I went ahead and made the healthier alternative to the brownies.” She baked up “awesome coconut brownies” from The Anti-Inflammation Cookbook by Amanda Haas (who is the culinary director at Williams-Sonoma). They’re gluten-free and made with coconut oil instead of butter. Craving satisfied; crisis averted!

Making the game day chili and cornbread from #theseasonedlife for dinner tonight !!! 🌶🌽

A photo posted by Ayesha Curry (@ayeshacurry) on Oct 19, 2016 at 5:50pm PDT

This time of year, not even the Bay Area is exempt from Winter. “I woke up this morning and there was ice on the grass like, we’re not in California,” Ayesha joked. For a dinner recipe that’ll really warm you up during Winter, Ayesha recommends “a good pot of chili” along with cornbread. “You can’t go wrong,” she said. According to Ayesha, her game-day chili and cornbread from her cookbook, The Seasoned Life, is “always a hit” and because it’s “such a big batch, there’s almost always some leftovers for the next day.”

This Instant Iced Coffee Hack Only Takes 2 Minutes

I’m an iced-coffee addict, but my clock and wallet don’t always support the habit. Homemade cold-brew coffee is great, but let’s be real – no one has time for that, and buying one every day isn’t the way to go either. So I set out to find the solution to my caffeine needs, and this iced-coffee hack is it. You can get strong, creamy iced coffee in less than two minutes thanks to one magical ingredient – instant coffee.

I used Colombian instant coffee from Trader Joe’s because that’s where I shop, but you can use any ground instant coffee you can find. The recipe is beyond easy. First, heat up a couple tablespoons of water (either in the microwave, stovetop, or electric kettle) until boiling. Pour into a glass cup, then mix in a heaping spoonful of the coffee granules.

Fill the cup halfway with your creamer of choice (I used unsweetened almond milk) and a little vanilla bean simple syrup for sweetness (vanilla almond milk would work great, too). Be sure to leave enough room to top with a couple handfuls of ice.

And voilà – you’re ready to walk out the door with your homemade iced coffee! This is quick and easy enough to do on busy weekday mornings or a great way to start off the weekend without having to leave your place.

19 Cheap Slow-Cooker Chicken Recipes That Make Life Easy

Meal planning doesn’t get much better than cheap, easy, slow-cooker chicken recipes. The beauty of these 19 recipes is they’re not only cheap and delicious, but they also yield enough for plenty of leftovers that you can keep for lunch and dinner throughout the week. From slow-cooker honey-garlic chicken and vegetables to slow-cooker chicken fajitas and more, these are the affordable chicken recipes you’ll want to bookmark and make again and again.