Alton Brown Spills the Real Reason the Good Eats Reboot Is Taking So Long

Alton Brown answered fan questions on Facebook Live last Saturday, and he divulged more details about his Good Eats reboot, which he is calling A Cooking Show, for all you fanatics, thirsty for more info.

Fans requested he share the release date, and here’s what Alton had to say: “I’m working on that. . . . I’m making a follow-up. The digital stepchild. . . . No, it’d actually be the spiritual, digital child of Good Eats for the internet. I’m working on that this year, but I’ve got to get through this tour first, OK? I’m touring from March 13 to May 7. . . . And then after that, I’m going to have some time.”

Alton then reminded fans that he has another TV show in the works. “I also have this new Iron Chef Gauntlet project that’s going to premiere on April 16. Mark your calendars, kids. It’s only six episodes long, but you’re not going to want to miss this. I’m very, very proud of it, and I’m hoping that it might become more, but I’ve gotta see what happens with that.”

As for the content in the reboot, Alton will continue to focus on food science. “Trust me; there’s going to be science aplenty in my new venture, just as there was in Good Eats. It’s kind of the way I plug into things,” Alton assured fans. Alton has already informed fans that he plans on writing the recipes in grams and other metric measurements, requiring viewers to purchase a kitchen scale and instant read thermometer. Seasoned cooks knows the importance of measuring ingredients by weight, not volume, and it will be revolutionary for Alton to pull this off for an American audience.

In addition, the show topics may be as timely as ever. With the resurgence of pressure cookers like the Instant Pot, Alton teased pressure cookers will make an appearance in A Cooking Show along with sous vide. Alton added, “I absolutely, positively will be picking Good Eats up where it left off. It just won’t be called Good Eats and it won’t be on Food Network.”

Though Alton has called the new venture A Cooking Show since the beginning, fans are still confused! Alton clarified, “Everyone is saying, ‘Good Eats is coming back?’ No! But something a heck of a lot like it, because you guys have told me in no uncertain terms that you’re going to run me out of the country if I don’t do that. And I think it’s been long enough. I took a break, and now, we’re back to that.”

The Good Eats reboot is taking him longer than expected for one simple reason. Alton told Facebook fans, “Here’s my challenge for those of you who want to know. The reason it’s taken me a long time to get this worked out is monetization. Shows don’t just happen. You’ve got to figure out a way to pay for it. Now, I’ve never monetized any digital stuff. My podcasts . . . all of that has always been free, but I’m going to have to pay for it.”

Alton then asked fans to weigh in on how he should monetize the new show. He continues:

“Would you rather have a subscription show where you actually have to pay a little bit of money to get at it? Kind of a Louis C.K. model? Would you rather that I get sponsors and get a placement of product? Or do you want me to do it all through advertising? Or some combination? ‘Cause in the end, it’s not going to happen if it’s free. I gotta pay people. I gotta make the show happen. I’m not, you know, independently wealthy or anything. And I don’t do, haven’t done, endorsement deals, except for maybe Welch’s and that’s been a while. Give that some thought and give me some feedback, because I’d really love to know what you guys would be willing to put up with.”

As a personal fan, I’d prefer to pay for a subscription on his website and so would my colleague. Ultimately, Alton and his team will sort out comments and see what the general consensus is. Fans suggested YouTube and Kickstarter as other options, and while Alton seemed iffy about both, he did express how “important” it is for him to hear from fans. Their concerns and preferences will help him make the ultimate decision. So, what’s your vote? Sound off and let Alton hear you loud and clear! Then, be sure to watch the full Q&A – Alton mentions many more juicy projects, including wanting to do a full-length film (food-related, of course) after the Good Eats reboot.

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