This Is Not a Joke: You Can Now Buy a Tiny House on Amazon

How often have you joked that you get just about everything you need to keep your home going on Amazon? Well, now you can buy your actual home on Amazon too. We’re not joking. The online retailer is now carrying a MODS International prefab tiny house, which you can purchase and have delivered to your front door through Amazon for the price of $36,000. The adorable 360-square-foot dwelling is made from a new shipping container and comes fully furnished, insulated, and complete with heat and AC. As if that wasn’t great enough, it also comes with all the essentials, such as a bedroom, kitchenette with basic appliances, shower, living area, and toilet and sink. All you need to make this tiny home yours are an Amazon account, a concrete slab or Sonotube to place it on, and access to sewage, water, and electricity connections.

“Bestie Row” Takes the Small-Living Trend to a New Level

Remember when you were little and you wanted playdates with your best friend to last forever? Most of us outgrow this phase by the time we’re adults, but a group of four inseparable Texas couples decided to make the fun last forever by building their own compound of miniature homes on a piece of property they purchased together on the Llano River outside of Austin, TX. The result is “Bestie Row.” Keep reading to discover how this cozy community works.

This French Camper Extends to 3x Its Size and Is the Coolest Thing You’ll See All Day

There are campers, and then there’s the innovative Beauer 3X French trailer that uses a telescopic design to grow to triple its original size. It is a mere 20 feet, the perfect size for towing behind your vehicle. But once you detach and expand it, you have more than basic shelter for your camping trip; in just 20 seconds, it opens up to a 130-square-foot mini abode complete with bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and dining room, fully equipped to support a family of up to four. Even the furniture is positioned perfectly in place! Sure, these are still tiny spaces, especially that bathroom, but considering most trailers don’t even have a bathroom, it’s definitely a big upgrade. Curbed reports that the Beauer 3X trailer will be available for purchase in Europe in 2018 starting at around $33,00, and it is expected to be released in the US market thereafter.

A Designer Mom Shares Her Secrets For Chic Childproofing

Can you really create a kid-friendly environment at home without skimping on style? Interior designer Purvi Padia says yes – as long as you master some tricks of the trade. As a young mom living in New York City, Purvi knows all about the need to have a home that can host playdates by day and cocktail parties by night. Finding clever storage solutions and glamorous but sturdy materials are just some of her talents. Here are six solid tips for a chic childproof upgrade!

Photo by Scott Jones for Purvi Padia Design

Design Pros Reveal the Exact 12 Shades of Gray to Paint Your Home

If there’s one wall color designers universally love, it’s gray. A coat of this hue creates a sleek and sophisticated palette in every area of the home – but with so many different shades of gray to chose from, picking the right one can become daunting. We decided to tap our favorite interior designers for advice on exactly which shades of gray we should be painting with. Read on to discover the 12 grays these pros turn to again and again.

20 Things That Happen When You Stay at a Sandals Resort

Whether you’re 9 years old or 90 years old, you’ve probably seen an ad for Sandals Resorts. (Think iconic cursive logo set against a beachy backdrop.) While it may seem like a massive operation, the all-inclusive chain remains intimate and family-owned, just like when it was founded in 1981.

Today, the company boasts five brands and 24 properties throughout the Caribbean, including places like the Bahamas, Jamaica, and most recently, Grenada. Sandals invited me to visit their newest resort – formally called Sandals LaSource Grenada – in late April to find out what the property is actually like beyond the commercials. The place is as beautiful as you can imagine, and the clientele ranged from couple friends in their late 20s and 30s to elderly pairs celebrating their decades-long anniversaries.

Although Sandals often offers sales, prices aren’t exactly cheap – you’ll most likely drop more than $1,000 per night. If you’re thinking of staying at a Sandals resort anytime soon, here’s what you can expect.

Queen Letizia’s Palaces Might Be Even More Glamorous Than Her Fashion

Queen Letizia of Spain is known for her philanthropic work in the fields of education, innovation, and nutrition, as well as for her fresh contemporary style, but her home life with husband King Felipe and their daughters Princess Leonor, 12 and Princess SofĂ­a, 10 is pretty much kept under wraps. So where do Letizia and her family live, and what does their home look like? Which personal touches have been added, and which priceless antiques remain? We have all the info you need to know on Queen Letizia’s royal palaces . . .

10 Unexpected Careers For Creative Types

When you think of jobs suited for creative people, does marketing associate come to mind? Probably not. But there are plenty of reasons this – and other unexpected careers – should make the list. We’ve gathered some opportunities that will let you flex your creative muscle in the classroom, on the computer, and more, as well as their average salaries (all estimates courtesy of Glassdoor). Have a look, and put that imaginative brain power to good use.

3 Lessons I Learned From the You Are a Badass Book

I like to read while eating breakfast, and today’s session resulted in me finishing the phenomenal You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero. The book pictured is a cute little mini version, but I just finished the real deal. And if you still haven’t read this valuable yellow book, make sure to get your hands on it! It’s relatable and funny, and it provides the kick in the behind that so many of us need. Jen Sincero comes across as a good friend with the tough love and positive thinking that everyone needs in their life, and her style of writing kept me engaged the whole time. Of all the “aha” moments she lends to her audience, here are the three biggest takeaways that I got from this eye-opening book.

1. You need to play the part to get the part.

This made so much sense to me. You Are a Badass reminds us that it’s important to dress, act, think, and socialize for the success that we are working to achieve right now, and not just when you finally achieve your goals. By playing the part, you’re raising your frequency of getting the part, because the universe will recognize that you’re open and ready for it, and therefore it will send opportunities your way. Furthermore, I connect with this idea because there’s really no need to deprive ourselves of the good things in life just because we haven’t gotten “there” yet. I now believe that we should all dress, act, think, and socialize for the life we want to live right this second and keep working toward our goals along the way. I’m not saying to buy the Ferrari next Tuesday, but live at the frequency you deserve and desire.

2. Open yourself up to the universe.

This book taught me a lot about how every ounce of my soul needs to be committed to the type of life and opportunities I want in order to have them come my way. To surrender yourself to the universe is to trust with gratitude that everything will work out, that all the good things are on their way, and that we just need to keep hustling in the meantime. Financially, it’s a slow time of year in the service industry, so my bank account has been a little weary. However, I haven’t lost faith in the universe that it will all work out just fine. Instead of worrying or being angry or frustrated, I’ve surrendered to the belief that it will work out because it always work out, and I know in my heart I will always do whatever it takes to keep things afloat and forward-moving. That being said, my bank account reflected a substantial deposit yesterday that I had nothing to do with. As it turned out, my last company took care of some loose ends and provided me with some unknown vacation pay. Thank you, universe! Good vibes only.

3. Just do it already!

You are a Badass is a true kick in the butt to encourage you to live an active lifestyle. We can read all the self-help books, study all the tactics, or focus on being perfectly prepared for the main event . . . or we can just go for it already. Sincero lends the healthy reminder that it doesn’t matter what other people think, and it doesn’t matter if there are doubts. If we truly want something with every fiber of our being, the only way to get it is to go in manifest mode. And by striving for an active lifestyle, I don’t just mean physically. Sincero brings to light the fact that we need to go for our goals with our emotions, our spirits, our brains, and our bodies in order to reach our highest goals and gain our highest frequency. And we don’t need to commit our whole beings only when we’re “ready;” we need to just do it now. It’s this kind of thinking that has me writing early in the morning. I’m not sure exactly what I want to be doing for work in 10, 15, or 20 years, by I know this is the avenue I want to take. So before heading out for the day, I’m working toward my goal of having a happy life that’s self-directed and creative. Onward and upward, every day.

If You Want Time to Slow Down, Practice Seeing Things With Fresh Eyes

You know that sudden panic that overcomes you when you realize what date it is? Time seems like it’s passing so quickly and you can’t fathom how another year has already flown by. Thankfully, practicing something called a “beginner’s mind” could be the solution to slowing things down and living more in the moment. In the reflection chapter of A Book That Takes Its Time, writer Otje van der Lelij digs deeper into this interesting concept.

When we’re first born, we enter the world as a blank slate and approach everything with an untarnished perspective. When we now look back on our childhoods, we can recall many of those standout memories better than we can remember highlights from this year. And sadly, that’s because we no longer see things with fresh eyes when we age. Our brains at this point have been overloaded with so much information and experience that it impairs our ability to simplify life’s moments and appreciate them for what they are.

But when you see things with a beginner’s mind, you’re able to have a better grasp of time and enjoy a more fulfilling life. “Like a beginner, you have no expectations and no fixed idea of yourself,” Otje wrote. “All options are open and you can go in any direction. With a beginner’s mind, you’re open to the world and the people around you, and you see things as they are, without immediate judgment.” Otje best described it as “a state of mind that lets you enjoy life more.”

She continued to explain how seeing with a beginner’s mind also affects your perception of time. As mentioned previously, our earlier years are filled with so many firsts that it almost seems like our childhood lasted for much longer. According to Otje, that’s because “time compresses when you do things you have never done before.”

This is something I can attest to myself. My first year in San Francisco was filled with over 20 new experiences, and yes, I did count. It was the first time living on my own after college and I can still remember that highlight reel month by month. But as I became more familiar with the city and things didn’t seem quite as exciting anymore, the events moving forward sort of began to just blur together.

“As we get older, we find ourselves in the monotonous grind of life, seldom discovering new things,” Otje wrote. “The scenery stays the same while it seems the years fly past.”

In the book, she mentions Douwe Draaisma, a professor at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, who suggests actively creating new experiences. These firsts, or “core memories” for those who’ve seen Inside Out, “leave deep traces in our brain.” Now, this doesn’t mean you have to book the next skydiving class (though you totally should) or start to live life on the edge. You can fake these new memories simply by making an effort to be more aware. For example, during your next meal, pretend like you’ve never eaten whatever you’re eating before and pay attention to the textures and flavors. That tiny observation alone will bring you to the present and chances are you’ll remember that meal better than if you continued to eat without thinking about it.

“The key is to create memories because memories ‘slow down’ time,” Otje wrote. “A beginner’s mind is not only creative and happier, it also extends the perception of time, which often feels elusive.”