Forget About the Box’s Instructions; Try Cooking Your Frozen Pizza Like This

If frozen pizza turns out funky for you (burnt spots, soggy bits, general mediocre outcomes), here’s a tip from the internet. Forget about the back-of-the-box instructions, and instead, cook your frozen pizza like this guy. Reddit user numbahtwelve says to fully thaw the pizza and crank your oven to the hottest temperature it will go (not the broil setting). Then, cook the pizza on the rack of the oven (unless you own a pizza stone or cast-iron skillet) for five to eight minutes or until the crust crisps and cheese bubbles.

His logic? Restaurants and pizza chains cook the ‘za on pizza stones in commercial ovens that are set to 700°F-1000°F. This little hack emulates the professional method without the use of fancy equipment. Now, if you want to be truly fancy, brush the crust with olive oil and sprinkle crushed garlic or garlic powder on it, before baking. Mmm . . . seems like a simple yet reliable hack to try for the next frozen pizza night.

Drumroll Please – Here Are the Ice-Cream-Inspired Coffees Coming to Dunkin’

The results of the most important poll of the year are in! After offering Dunkin’ Donuts fans the choice of bringing back Baskin Robbins-inspired coffee flavors, you all weighed in and selected Butter Pecan, Pistachio, and Cookie Dough. Sorry, Rocky Road and Jamocha Almond Fudge, but you’re out.

The three winning flavors, based on Baskin Robbins’ most popular scoop options, could end up on the Dunkin’ Donuts coffee menu in 2018. Yes, we have to wait all the way until 2018, but with how delicious that Butter Pecan flavor is, it might just be worth it!

This Is the Stupidest Mistake You Can Make While Cooking

Listen up, people who love to cook. You’re about to read a brief cautionary tale about why you should always measure ingredients and never shake the salt or dried herbs over the pot. The other night, I was making a sauce for my spaghetti squash while I waited for it to roast in the oven. “I’ll just add a pinch of red pepper flakes to spice it up,” I thought as I was considering how unenthused I was to eat this “pasta” without the carbs. I grabbed the red pepper flakes from my spice cabinet – my jumbo jar, I should add – then opened it and added a strong “tap” into the pan to go with the olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, spinach, and white beans that were simmering. To my horror, an enormous amount of flakes, close to half a cup, came spilling out of the container.

I realized I had opened the wrong side of the lid: the open side rather than the perforated side, meaning there was nothing controlling the speedy flow of spiciness. I scraped most of the pile into the trash can, but since dried herbs and chiles release flavor when heated in a skillet, the damage was already done. Not only would I be eating a sad excuse for spaghetti, but I’d be eating a sad excuse for spaghetti with way too much heat for my liking.

I was reminded of one of many cooking tips from Ina Garten: measure everything to a T. “I measure everything. To the half teaspoon. Because I always think that if I’ve spent so much time making sure this recipe was exactly the way I want it, why would I want to throw things into a pot? I’m really a scientist,” she has said of her philosophy. As usual, Ina speaks the truth. Even if you’re not following a recipe and you’re making it up as you go, it’s smart to measure the seasoning, whether that’s in your hand or with measuring spoons. Far too often people oversalt or undersalt their dishes because they’re blindly shaking the container above the stove. The same goes for black pepper, red pepper flakes, or any number of dried spices; the correct amount elevates the dish and the incorrect amount can ruin the flavor profile entirely. So take it from me – but, more importantly, from Ina – and pay attention to measurements to avoid suffering the Series of Unfortunate Events: Red Pepper Flake Edition.

25 Bestselling Kitchen Supplies Every Disney Fan Should Stock Up On

There are Disney kitchen gizmos and gadgets aplenty, but which ones would make your collection complete? The following products are bestsellers at the Disney Store. From Mickey-themed slow cookers to It’s a Small World tumblers, you want thingamabobs? I got 20 (or more)! Now, before we bust out into the full song from The Little Mermaid, let’s go take a look.

21 Homemade Recipes You Can Realistically Cook For Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Even as someone who writes about food all day, I completely get that the struggle to cook at home is real. By the time I get home from a long day, I’m ready to put on sweatpants and satisfy my ravenous hunger immediately, which means I’m not about that elaborate-recipe life. I’ve definitely spent a fair chunk of change on overpriced salads for lunch, and as for the morning? I consider myself productive if I have enough time to set up my coffee maker and heat up Trader Joe’s frozen oatmeal before rushing out the door. What I’m really saying is that cooking is hard. But it doesn’t have to be.

Everyone needs a reset sometimes, and these recipes are here to help. In this list of 21 recipes – seven breakfasts, seven lunches, and seven dinners – you won’t find bucket-list items like Gordon Ramsay’s famous beef wellington; ain’t nobody got time for that. What you will find are meal-prepped breakfasts, mason-jar lunches, and 20-minute dinners that barely require lifting a finger. Challenging yourself to cook at home more often doesn’t have to be intimidating, and these recipes that you’ll realistically have time to cook are proof.

11 Oreo Tattoos For the Forever Fan

Are you Oreo’s biggest fan? One way to prove it is by getting some ink. That’s right – these people made a major commitment to Oreo by getting a tattoo of the cookie. Check ’em out and see if it’s for you. Otherwise, you may want to consider some BFF ink, one of these unique food tattoo ideas, or even a tiny food tattoo that’s a little more discreet.

30 of the Best Whole Foods Products You Can Order on Amazon Right Now

Sure, the initial news of Amazon purchasing Whole Foods upset me, but Amazon has really impressed me with the changes it’s made so far, including instating significant price drops that have already gone into effect in stores, not to mention setting up an online store on While the Whole Foods items available online are limited to some pantry and freezer goods from WF’s generic 365 brand (i.e., not the complete line), I was still able to find many of my favorite staples, snacks, and meal starters. I also appreciate that Amazon includes the ingredient list for each of the products (unlike Instacart), which makes for a more seamless shopping experience. I imagine Amazon will continue to roll out more products in the weeks following, but for now, here’s what I’m loving.

If “Death Before Decaf” Is Your Life Motto, These Coffee Tattoos Will Speak to Your Soul

Coffee is the real MVP, guys. It’s there for us when we need it most, fueling that much-needed pep in our step every single morning. If you’re truly a java addict, the most lasting way to profess your undying appreciation for the beverage’s life-saving qualities is with a tattoo, of course. Ahead, catch a glimpse at the chicest coffee tattoos from all over Instagram, and then scope out our favorite food tattoo ideas if you’re still hungry for more ink inspiration.

The Definitive Ranking of the Chick-fil-A Menu

I grew up in a small town where Chick-fil-A was the place to celebrate friends’ birthdays before heading to high school, and it was a popular after-school spot, too. It’s accurate to say I’ve had my fair share of waffle fries, Chick-fil-A sauce, and Original Chicken Sandwiches in my lifetime, and I have a pretty good grasp of the menu. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the menu of the beloved fast-food chain (former anti-LGBTQ+ ways aside . . . ugh) and just focus on the food in all its fried-chicken glory. Consider this the definitive ranking of Chick-fil-A menu items, sorted from worst to best.

Reese’s Bundt Cake Has Arrived to Make All Your Dessert Dreams Come True!

I hope you’re saving room for dessert, because a new Reese’s bundt cake is now available in stores! Spotted by Instagram user Junkbanter in the bakery section at Walmart, this glorious chocolate cake is filled with Hershey’s chocolate chips, covered in Reese’s Peanut Butter icing, and topped with Reese’s Mini Pieces Candy. While the Instagram user claims “there’s not enough peanut butter in this bad boy to carry the Reese’s title,” that generous layer of decadent peanut butter icing is looking pretty sufficient to us. This is basically the dream dessert – and it looks good enough to pass as homemade. We’ll take this and a coffee with Reese’s creamer ASAP!