16 Burning Questions You’ve Always Wondered About Common Ingredients

How long do eggs really last? Do you need to refrigerate butter? What’s the difference between Parmesan and Pecorino Romano, anyway? If these are all questions you’ve asked yourself at least once, you’ll appreciate this comprehensive list of answers. You might not know the best storage methods or the facts behind some of the most common staples sitting in your kitchen right now, but you will after discovering these 16 explanations.

A Definitive Ranking of the Costco Food Court Offerings

One of the biggest mistakes one can make while grocery shopping is tackling the task on an empty stomach. Big box retailer Costco Wholesale never fails to come to the rescue on this front, offering a stocked food court conveniently right in front of the checkout line. The food court has both perks and drawbacks. On the one hand, it’s very quick and inexpensive, but on the other, several items are prepared well before you even order. However, after performing a taste test on all of the menu’s main offerings, my fiancĂ© and I found that there are a couple of other winners within the bunch. Read on to see what our surprising number one pick is.

12 Tatted People Whose Love For Starbucks Is WAY More Real Than Yours

There are Starbucks fans, and then there are serious Starbucks fans – the kind who’d get a tattoo to prove it. If you’ve thought about getting a coffee tattoo but have your heart set specifically on Starbucks, you’ll want to take inspiration from these 12 megafans who’ve tatted Unicorn Frappuccinos, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and Starbucks iced coffees on their bodies to show their appreciation for life. Whether you’re truly considering a tattoo of your own or not, it’s still fascinating to see the creative ideas people have shared. Grab your favorite Starbucks secret-menu drink and enjoy a visual dose of caffeine with these coffee-lovers’ tattoo ideas.

Krispy Kreme’s Bringing Back Its Pumpkin Doughnut, but Only For 1 Day!

It’s not truly Fall until all of our favorite foods have turned into pumpkins . . . or become pumpkin-flavored, rather. Krispy Kreme is making a triumphant return to this trend by bringing back its superduper, limited-edition pumpkin spice doughnut in shops. However, before you get too excited, take note that the doughnuts will only be available for one day, and that day is Sept. 8. Once the doughnuts are gone, they’re gone.

The Pumpkin Spice Original Glazed is a seasonal favorite at Krispy Kreme and will be available all day in participating shops – which, according to Krispy Kreme, is nearly all of them – until they’re gone. They will be the same price as the Original Glazed doughnuts, and judging by the rapid-fire comments and shares on Krispy Kreme’s announcement video on Facebook, people are stoked.

Pizza Hut Is Offering $5 Large Cheese Pizzas For 1 Day Only!

Source: Pizza Hut

The pizza gods have blessed us with an amazing Pizza Hut deal for National Cheese Pizza Day! To celebrate the very important cheese-focused holiday on Tuesday, Sept. 5, Pizza Hut will offer large cheese pizzas for just $5. All you have to do is use the code SAYCHEESE on Sept. 5, and the discounted pizza is yours. If a cheese-only pizza isn’t your style, we probably can’t be friends, but Pizza Hut is looking out for you, too. The company is offering 50 percent off menu-priced pizza orders placed through Pizza Hut’s online ordering systems for carryout or delivery from Sept. 5 through Sept. 11. So go forth, grab your pizza-loving pals, and celebrate . . . because you deserve nice things!

Source: 20th Century Fox

11 Adorable Disney Tumblers You Don’t Have to Wait in Line For

Disney parks are the best places to get the cutest Disney tumblers, but they often come with a pretty big drawback: long lines. If a trip to Disney isn’t in the works but you’re itching for a new Disney cup to sip your favorite drinks from, the official Disney store totally has your back. With tons of adorable tumblers available online that you can buy right now, it’s almost too easy to get your fix. The hardest part is picking a favorite! Shop 11 of our favorite picks ahead.

Ghirardelli Has Brought Back This Pumpkin Beverage Due to Popular Demand!

We had a chance to try Ghirardelli’s Pumpkin Spice Caramel Hot Cocoa ($5), which is back by popular demand this year! The seasonal favorite was launched in Sept. 2010 and was discontinued in 2012. But it’s officially back, and dang it if we were not blown away by how good it really is. The frothy milk tastes subtly sweet with the authentic taste of pumpkin and caramel. The whipped cream, topped with a generous drizzle of caramel (and a Ghirardelli Pumpkin Spice Caramel Square that melts into the hot drink), will send you soaring on a fluffy sugar high.

The only thing that can make it better is the addition of an espresso shot (50 cents each). Yep, we discovered a “secret” menu item: Pumpkin Spice Caramel Mocha! Even if you drink your coffee without sugar, you’ll appreciate this decadent, seasonal beverage. The espresso accentuates the chocolate flavor and balances out the syrupy caramel. It’s available starting on Sept. 5 in Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shops and Ghirardelli Chocolate Outlets, so prepare to embrace pumpkin spice season in all its glory and try it for yourself ASAP!

In addition to the Pumpkin Spice Caramel Hot Cocoa, Ghirardelli has rereleased the following items:

Chewable Coffee Gummies Have Arrived, Because Cups Are Overrated

Most people know those types of days when you wake up, struggling to open your eyes, and your first thought is: “Need. Coffee. Now.” Call us Lorelai Gilmore, but a morning simply isn’t complete without some form of coffee consumption. Not to sound dramatic, but we could use a coffee IV drip most days!

Image Source: The CW

But the thing is, it’s not always convenient to drink a mug or two of coffee. Some days you just need to hit the ground running, and a cup can impede productivity. Historically, this has meant just toughing out morning slumps, but not anymore; now, you can just chew your coffee instead. Enter: Go Cubes, a form of chewable coffee gummies. Two Go Cubes gummies contain the caffeine equivalent of a cup of joe, but they’re about the size of marshmallows.

According to a Go Cubes review from Spoon University, they have a texture similar to that of Sour Patch Kids, but they taste just like a mocha, latte, or plain ol’ drip coffee depending on which flavor you buy. They also don’t have the same staining effect on your teeth and claim to cut out some of the caffeine jitters.

If you’re curious about substituting Go Cubes for some (or all!) of your daily coffee consumption, you can buy 20 four-packs of the gummies – so two cups of coffee per pack – for $39 or a sampler set for $15. Go Cubes also has a monthly subscription service for people who need their fix!

Of course, the caffeine addicts of us will probably still drink a morning mug of our favorite brew, then pop these chewables throughout the work day to stay energized. Who says ya can’t have the best of both worlds?

How This Grocery Store Is Trying to Save the Planet

Earth.Food.Love is the UK’s only zero-waste, organic, bulk-buy, plant-based, wholefoods shop – at least, that’s what its website boasts. The family-owned store in Devon is beautifully arranged so that all of its products are in bulk jars and baskets – as in, nothing is packaged. They aren’t kidding about the zero-waste thing. In fact, shoppers are encouraged to continuously reuse their own jars, containers, and bags for everything.

The shop, founded by former soccer player for Manchester United Richard Eckersley, sells hundreds of products. “We sell everything that’s dried, so you’ve got grains, beans, pulses, legumes, rice, seeds, flours, sugars, seaweed and spaghetti, yeast flakes and stock. We’ve got herbs and spices and dried fruit,” Eckersley told The London Times.

The goal of the shop, according to its website, is to create a better future. “We decided to look back to the past, where eating real food with minimal packaging was normal practice,” the site reads. And the store is a step in the right direction for a more eco-friendly world. Keep reading to get a peek inside!

Here’s All the New Halloween Candy You HAVE to Try This Year

As you head to the grocery store to stock up on Halloween candy this year, be sure not to miss these brand-new products! You might want to skip the regular Skittles and M&M’s for 2017’s fun and festive releases from your favorite brands that trick-or-treaters haven’t tried before. From exciting Target exclusives to nationally available candies wrapped in adorably spooky packaging, here’s all the new candy you’ve got to try this year.