This Is How All Your Favorite Food Stars Cook Chicken Thighs

When you think about cooking with chicken, you probably gravitate toward boneless, skinless chicken breasts. But chicken thighs deserve more of your attention because they’re so much more flavorful (dark meat FTW), even cheaper, and just as easy to cook as chicken breasts. Not sure where to start? These recipes from some of our favorite food personalities and celebrity chefs will inspire you to incorporate chicken thighs in your next home-cooked dinner.

Giada De Laurentiis: Classic Cacciatore

Giada’s chicken cacciatore is a classic Italian dish of braised chicken and tomato sauce. Giada’s recipe calls for both chicken thighs and breasts, but you could use all thighs for even more flavor. After simmering in the garlicky sauce for about 30 minutes, the chicken becomes so tender it practically falls off the bone.

Ree Drummond: Homemade Orange Chicken

Ditch the delivery fee for Ree Drummond’s orange chicken, which is just as easy to make as it is to order from a takeout menu. With a homemade sauce free of preservatives and packed with orange juice, soy sauce, brown sugar, rice wine vinegar, chili flakes, and grated ginger, the bite-size chicken is as good as it gets. You can easily double the recipe and serve it with white rice for a restaurant-quality meal for the whole family.

Emeril: Lemon-Garlic Chicken Thighs With Pasta

Simple and flavorful is the name of the game in Emeril’s lemon-garlic chicken thighs recipe. After lightly dredging the chicken thighs in flour and browning them in a pan, Emeril simmers them in a lemony sauce with a chicken broth base to ensure there’s no dry chicken in sight. To make this Italian meal more complete, Emeril serves the chicken with angel hair pasta coated in the extra juices from the skillet.

Aarti Sequeira: Creamy Chicken Curry

Like Ree Drummond’s recipe, Aarti Sequeira’s creamy curry with chicken tikka masala is a takeout favorite you can easily cook for yourself. Boneless, skinless chicken thighs are just as accessible as boneless, skinless chicken breasts, and they make the dish even better. All you need for the perfect curry sauce is a handful of pantry and fridge staples like yogurt, garlic, tomato paste, paprika, and a few fresh ingredients to tie it all together.

Tyler Florence: Basic BBQ Chicken

Tyler Florence’s ultimate barbecued chicken calls for the two best cuts of chicken, thighs and legs, and a brine guaranteed to saturate every inch of the meat (water, salt, sugar, garlic, and thyme). The best part of this recipe is you can marinate the chicken for two hours if you have the time, but 15 minutes will yield almost just as much flavor. If you don’t want to grill outside, you can sear the chicken indoors on a grill pan, and you can have the summertime favorite all year-round.

Chrissy Teigen: Best-Ever Chipotle Chicken

One of Chrissy Teigen’s cooking tips is to opt for dark meat over white meat every time because of the flavor. One of the recipes she makes the most from her cookbook, Cravings, is chipotle-honey chicken with mango-avocado salsa. On page 213 of her cookbook, Chrissy notes this is the first recipe to ever hit her blog! “This chicken is my pride and joy. My first born. My identical twin,” she writes. If that doesn’t give you reason enough to try it, maybe the chipotle-bourbon-garlic BBQ sauce will.

Wendy’s Unveils 3 New Queso-Loaded Menu Items, and Oh Mylanta, They Look Insane

Sorry, peanut butter and jelly, but cheese and bacon are our favorite food duo, and Wendy’s has officially taken our undying obsession to the next level. The fast food chain just unveiled not one but three brand-new menu items that are utterly smothered in queso and bacon: a burger, chicken sandwich, and french fries. And man, do they look tasty! [insert several fire emoji here]

The queso that’s generously showered on top of these sandwiches and fries isn’t just any ol’ lazy concoction of melted cheese; it has a spicy, flavorful kick to it, as there are bits of poblano pepper mixed in. Well done, Wendy’s. So far, the reviews of these new items are pretty positive, as Grub Grade noted the queso is “gooey enough to be a noticeable cheese sauce, but thick enough to not be a complete mess to eat.” Sounds pretty perfect to us!

Ready to satisfy your thirst for queso? Read on to get up close and personal with these tantalizing menu additions, and try not to drool all over yourself while scrolling and learning more about their ingredients.

20 of the Best Desserts That Start With a Can of Crescent Dough

As irresistible as plain crescent rolls are, these recipes prove there’s so much more you should be doing with the dough. Crescent dough is your secret shortcut to getting a bakery-worthy dessert, from cheesecake bars to baklava. No one has to know how easy these desserts are to make, because they’re just as delicious.

10 Things Every Five Guys Fan Needs to Know

Image Source: Flickr user Mike Mozart

Five Guys was named America’s favorite burger chain in 2017, but if you’ve been eating there for years, you don’t need anyone to tell you it’s the best. Known for its extremely juicy burgers and piled-high fries, Five Guys has won over a nationwide fandom comprised of people who love a really great fast-food meal that’s both good quality and cheap. Despite how many times you’ve stopped at Five Guys to get your fix, you might not know these fun facts about the company. Prepare to become an even bigger fan of the chain as you learn about its history, ingredients, and more ahead.

Image Source: Flickr user Bex Walton

  1. Five Guys started in Arlington, VA, in 1986.
  2. It’s a family-owned business. Four brothers, along with their parents Jerry and Janie Murrell, started it from the ground up. Years later, a fifth brother was born – hence the name.
  3. The family strives to keep a mom-and-pop feel to it. In a video interview with Forbes, Five Guys CEO Jerry Murrell said, “I’ve always noticed, in every small town, there’s always a place where you can get a good burger; usually a mom-and-pop place. I thought, ‘Just have a place like that.'”
  4. Five Guys uses fresh ground beef with an 80/20 ratio (lean meat to fat ratio) for its burgers, and employees form the patties by hand every day.
  5. There are no freezers in Five Guys locations.
  6. Five Guys only uses peanut oil.

Image Source: Flickr user Elsie Hui

  1. The first international Five Guys location opened in London in 2013.
  2. There’s an estimated 250,000 ways to customize your order.
  3. Five Guys takes fries very seriously. “They’re our passion,” one of Murrell brothers said of Five Guys’s famous fries. Five Guys buys about 140 million pounds of potatoes from Idaho every year. The employees cut them by hand and soak them in water to rinse off the starch, resulting in a better texture when fried.
  4. There are no timers allowed in Five Guys kitchens, so the cooks have to pay close attention to detail when preparing food.
  5. There are almost 1,500 locations across the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, and the Middle East.

This Is Not a Drill: Bacon Mac and Cheese Pizza Rolls Are Coming Soon!

This is not – we repeat – not a joke! Totino’s is releasing Bacon Macaroni and Cheese Pizza Rolls, and we’re honestly going to need a moment to recover from this emotional news. Sure, Combination Pizza Rolls got us through plenty of late nights back in the day, but this ingenious flavor is next-level and we can’t believe it’s taken this long to exist. The Bacon Macaroni and Cheese Pizza Rolls are reportedly starting to roll out to some stores in the US now, but they’ll be fully stocked at grocery stores nationwide by October. Still the best bang for your buck, bacon-mac-and-cheese-stuffed Pizza Rolls will cost $4 for a 40-count bag and $9 for a 90-count bag. Honestly, where have these been our whole lives?

30 Comforting Recipes From Giada De Laurentiis to Make This Fall

Giada De Laurentiis has already blessed us with her tips for top-notch Italian cooking, but if you’re still searching for some culinary inspiration this Fall, look no further than Giadzy, Giada’s own lifestyle website where she shares her best recipes. With 30 of her best (and coziest) recipes, you can keep your cooking fresh all season long no matter what you’re craving, from dinners to drinks and dessert.

This Hack Will Forever Change the Way You Eat Corn on the Cob

If you thought you knew how to eat corn on the cob, think again. A Twitter user recently shared a genius corn-eating hack he discovered while visiting Hokkaido, Japan, and it’ll make your jaw drop. The now-viral tweet has been tested out, and it has been proved to really work. Keep reading to see what we mean.

First, pick out a row of kernels to create an open space.

Next, press your thumb into a nearby row of kernels and slide it toward the open space.

The kernels should easily slide off the cob.

Yes; this means no more corn stuck in between your teeth!

Talk about a game changer.

A New Space-Themed Restaurant Is Coming to Disney, and It’s Out of This World!

A new space-themed restaurant is coming to Disney World! Announced at the D23 Expo, among plenty of other exciting Disney updates, the space-inspired restaurant will be at Epcot and will offer food with views that make you feel as if you’re looking at Earth from afar. The restaurant does not yet have a name, but it will be adjacent to the Mission: Space attraction.

“We know our guests love dining at Epcot – and the restaurants really are out of this world,” Walt Disney Imagineer Tom Fitzgerald said in a statement. “Now we’re about to create one that takes that literally.”

The restaurant will be run by Patina Restaurant Group, which operates other Disney World restaurants, like Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs and Tutto Italia at Epcot. If this sneak-peek photo from Disney is any indication of how amazing it will be, we have no doubt it will exceed our expectations. Disney assures “there will be much more to share about this restaurant in the future,” so check back as we receive more details. In the meantime, catch up on the new Fantasmic menu that will have you craving a trip to Disneyland.

Meet Your New Favorite Dairy-Free Cold Brew Mocha Latte From Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is really stepping up its cold-brew selection lately. The Coconut Cold Brew won us over first, and now we can’t get enough of the Organic Cold Brew Mocha Nut Latte. This dairy-free coffee drink is more substantial and filling than plain-old cold brew thanks to cashews and almonds, and the best part is it’s creamy and dairy free! As someone whose hatred of milk is a little out of control, I appreciate that TJ’s made a nut-based latte and that they did it really well. Whether you’re a dairy-free eater or you love full-fat milk, you’ll approve of this cold, caffeinated, chocolaty beverage.

The Cold Brew Mocha Nut Latte ($4) is made with organic cold-brew coffee, which is nice and strong. The mocha flavor comes from organic cocoa powder, while a hint of sweetness comes from organic vanilla beans and organic cinnamon. The tiniest touch of Himalayan pink salt rounds out the sweetness and goes well with the slightly thick, slightly gritty, nutty latte. There are absolutely no artificial or funky ingredients, which are often found in dairy-free products.

If you don’t have time to make coffee every morning or stop by a coffee shop for a cold brew, I highly recommend stocking these in your fridge and grabbing one before you head out the door. We stumbled upon this gem of an item while browsing Trader Joe’s to find the best new items for July, and we’re already certain this will go down as one of the best new Trader Joe’s products of 2017.

M&M’s Has SO Many Flavors – but Which Is the Best?

M&M’s keeps coming and going with the changing seasons, but thankfully some of the best flavor creations are here to stay for good. We’ve already checked out some of the core M&M’s flavors and ranked them in order (shout-out to our number-one Peanut Butter M&M’s), but since so many new options have come out, we decided to rank those as well. We rounded them all up and put a lot of thought and effort into really examining the flavor. (We ate a boat load of M&M’s, is what I mean by that.) You’ll be pleased to know that our favorite shouldn’t be disappearing from shelves any time soon, so you can easily get your hands on them . . .